Helping Professionals Advance through
Career Development, Transition and Coaching

Neville Career Consulting provides guidance to professionals with significant work experience at crucial points in their careers: starting new positions, growing and developing within a job, and transitioning to new opportunities. We help clients assess and enrich their options--whether with their current employer or elsewhere--clarify next steps and key decisions, and present themselves effectively.

Our clients advance their careers according to their own values, interests and goals. We work with executives, attorneys, managers, and other professionals in all types of work environments: corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations as well as at all levels of government.

The prospect of career advancement can be unnerving, but it can also be a time of tremendous growth, clarity and achievement. When you are able to state clearly what value you add and develop skills to achieve your goals in an organized way, you become more successful in your work and more likely to get what you want going forward.

Too often, talented professionals who want to get out of an existing work situation jump at an offer, find their new position unsatisfying, but discover that they have become less marketable by having made the leap. Neville Career Consulting helps you develop strategies to advance your interests in both the short and long term and anticipate the impact of your decisions. With no competing interests, we provide knowledgeable and objective guidance that allows you to make strategic and informed decisions about your career.

We offer a menu of services to help you navigate career moves and meet your specific goals. Our services help you:

Articulate what you want from your professional life,
Identify and assess your full range of options,
Develop concrete strategies to get from Point A to Point B,
Expand and leverage your professional network,
Present yourself effectively both orally and in writing,
Successfully pursue positions of interest, and
Excel in your professional roles over time.

We work with clients seeking a different work environment to those who want to grow and succeed in their current positions. Our role is to help you set and achieve the best goals for yourself. We are not headhunters, although we can advise on placement professionals to consult when appropriate.

All our services are individually tailored and client-driven, since each client brings different issues to the table and seeks assistance at various career stages. After an initial consultation, we will propose a package of services to meet your specific goals.

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If You're Asking Yourself...
What types of positions do my training and work experience make me marketable for?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of different professional roles?
How do I find these types of jobs?
How do I present my experience in the most impressive way?
How do I position myself to advance my career?
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